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A Modern Old-Fashioned Heater



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Most of us love the smell of a burning fire, as well as, the
mesmerizing effect the flames can have on us. This is why many
choose to have a wood-burning stove either as their main source of
heating, or as an addition to their existing heating system.

Having a wood burning stove might not be the most efficient
method for heating, but it does use a renewable resource, so it is
friendly to the environment in that way. You might even be able to
supply your own wood if you have a property with trees growing on

There are some things that you should never burn in a
wood-burning stove. A common mistake that people do is using
pressure treated wood in their stove. The chemicals used in this
type of wood will release dangerous chemicals when burned and can
be very harmful to your health. It is also important to consider
that a wood burning stove can get very hot, so keep flammable items
at a distance.

033 Wood Burning Stove

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Modern Old-Fashioned Heater
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