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Facebook for Home Inspectors – How to Market Effectively



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This is a contributed article by the Facebook experts over at Inspector Media!

Facebook for Home Inspectors

If you own a home inspection business, one task that takes up a significant amount of time is marketing. But while you know you should work on marketing, actually doing it is another story. It can be confusing. It can even cause some significant stress. You’re stretched with other pressing tasks, and it can be intimidating to work on a task that may not necessarily suit your strengths.

Luckily, there is one thing that you can do to not only find warmer leads but to minimize wasted time when completing this mission-critical task.

This is the power of Facebook marketing.

For all of the controversy about Facebook’s data practices, Facebook is an extremely powerful platform— especially for small businesses. By creating and establishing a robust page for your business, you can easily spread the word about your business and find new prospective customers.

There is, however, a difference between simply executing a marketing strategy on Facebook and marketing effectively on Facebook. We have your back. Ultimately, by following the suggestions below, you will be able to use your Facebook marketing budget more effectively and avoid wasted time.

In this article, we are going to discuss three topics:

  1. Basic principles of Facebook marketing.
  2. Pairing Facebook marketing with your website.
  3. How to leverage Facebook ads to grow your business.

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Facebook Marketing: Basic Principles

So let’s start with some basic principles with Facebook marketing. Once you create a Facebook page for your home inspection business, you will want to post compelling content to your page. This is where it pays to be creative, and you can really take this in any direction that you want. You could generate your own content (like a testimonial from a satisfied customer) and share that on your page. You can even share interesting posts or articles that you find on the internet. Whenever posting, you will also want to consider using hashtags. Hashtags are an extremely simple way to help users discover your page. Conducting research on popular hashtags in the home inspection industry can be immensely helpful.

Regardless of what you post, you will want to be consistent in posting to your page. If your page is sparsely populated, your followers (and potential followers) will begin to lose interest. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you automate posts. Along with consistent content, you will want to interact with your fans and followers. Instead of just posting to your page and moving on, you will want to communicate with those who respond to your posts. Actively engage—not just on your own page, but on other pages as well. By doing this (and incorporate your own personality into your posts), you will build strong relationships with your followers, who may eventually become long-lasting customers.

Once you post enough content to your Facebook page, you will be able to gather post insights which you can leverage. This data can be tremendously insightful since, for example, you can determine when during the day to post to obtain to increased engagement.

Facebook Marketing and Your Website

It is easy to think of Facebook marketing as a self-contained project within the Facebook platform. Yet it is so much more than that. There is real power in combining your Facebook page and your home inspection website in order to discover new, potential customers.

How does this work?

There are several ways. First, you can use Facebook to drive traffic to your website. If one of your Facebook fans is learning more about your business, they can simply click a link on your Facebook page to be driven to your website. This can go the other way as well: you can embed the Facebook social media icon on your business’s website in order to drive visitors to your Facebook page. Here, it is important to recognize the strengths of each platform. Most often, your Facebook page will be a way to share interesting content about your business. Your website, on the other hand, can be used to actually book appointments and sell your services. By having both, you can make it easy for potential customers to learn about your business and, in the most case scenario, book future services from you.

You can also leverage the power of Facebook ads to direct users to a particular page or product on your website (more on Facebook ads in a bit). If, for example, you have a new service that you are testing, you can send real leads from Facebook to your website to gauge the strength of interest. While this isn’t free, Facebook targeting is extremely effective and can send warm leads to any part of your website.

Finally, you can leverage Facebook plugins on your website. If you do have a company blog on your site, you can embed the Facebook “Like” button on the post in order for your website users to share your post on Facebook. This increases engagement with little to no effort on your end.

These are just some ways that you can pair Facebook marketing with your website. Without a specific website for your home inspection business, you may be missing out on some key insights for the growth of your business.

Facebook Ads

To this point, we have been discussing organic marketing strategies on Facebook. There is another type of marketing strategy on Facebook that, while not free, can be extremely powerful in finding warm leads. We are specifically thinking of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are powerful because of their targeting capabilities. You can design campaigns to accomplish virtually any objective that you would like, whether that is increasing engagement on your Facebook page, maximizing clicks to your home inspection website, promoting specific conversions on your website, or even promoting an offer that you create.

Again, this is where it is powerful to combine both your Facebook page and your website. By installing a Facebook pixel on your website, you will gain an insightful look at who is responding to your Facebook ads. And by leveraging the power of lookalike audiences, Facebook can eventually target your ads to those who will most likely accomplish the intended objective of your campaign.

You may be wondering about cost. Luckily, Facebook ads are affordable—considering their power. You can spend as little as $5 or $10 per day on a particular campaign. Yes, spending more money per day will likely lead to more conversions at a quicker pace. But if you are budget constrained, you can still initiate a Facebook ads campaign according to your budget preferences.

The Power of Facebook Marketing for Home Inspectors

While you may be a casual Facebook user, we hope to have convinced you that Facebook can be an extremely effective component of your overall marketing strategy. Whether you just started your home inspection business or have been operating it for some time, you can leverage the power of Facebook to accomplish your own objectives.

If you would like some help crafting an effective Facebook marketing strategy, we encourage you to check out Inspector Media. Inspector Media’s specialty is helping home inspection businesses use Facebook to grow their businesses. To see how Inspector Media can help you, feel free to check out the company’s website.

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