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How to Get 500+ Inspections a Year – Matt Smith – Interview



Please tell us a little bit of your background.

-I grew up in upstate NY. I always knew there could be success in the real estate industry.  My father owned an HVAC company. Working with him gave me an understanding of construction and house components.
I started buying multi families and renting them out. Thinking I was going to make success down that avenue. After having home inspections done on the properties, I thought that would be a better industry to explore.
I had drastically different experiences with my inspections.
My first inspection was poorly done, and I had numerous problems with the home. Never one to be a pessimist, I quickly learned more about construction than I ever have. That knowledge is now applied to what I do today.
My second property, I had no inspection at all, because of prior experiences. That too led to numerous nightmares and quick knowledge about home construction.
My third home purchased really sealed the deal for me. I had a great inspector who made me feel good and knew what he was doing. From that point on, I wanted to do the same.
It wasn’t until I was fired from a job, that I took the NYS  course and became licensed.

Prior to all of that. I was working towards being a Radiologist.  I was a radiographer for 5 years prior to getting my licensed and at one point was accepted into medical college.
That job really was lucrative at the time and allowed me to fund purchase of properties and gave me lots of autonomy to grow my inspection business.

What can you attribute to your success in the home inspection industry?

–  My relationships with people. It’s really hard to gain referrals. Especially in a scorned world.
Being able to make people feel comfortable and happy is biggest impact I can attribute to being successful.
I grew up broke, not attractive and short. I didn’t have much going for me. However, I did realize at a very young age the patterns of people among me in the neighborhood who never got what they wanted out of life. So, I vowed to never have that attitude.
My attitude towards everything is very important. People will know your intentions. So, it’s paramount to establish the right attitude to be successful.
The right attitude must be ingrained within you though. You can’t just turn it on and off. People will realize you’re fake.
Lastly, hard work!  Again, the way I grew up, I didn’t have much in my favor, but I could outwork anyone, and believe I still can. I can take a lot of heavy pressure. I’ve conditioned myself to be physically and mentally strong to overcome obstacles.  The outcome of struggles are the only things that will make you better.

For new home inspectors, what can they do to grow their inspection business?

– Build relationships. I think that’s any business.
Stay amongst your peers and establish relations with those who share similar values as you.
Be involved with communities that welcome you and you can contribute. People want to do business with other people they like and trust.
When is the last time you bought something due to advertising????
If someone asks you if you know a good dentist, you’re going to light with excitement on who to use, or maybe even not use.

For existing inspection companies looking to grow, what would you recommend?

– Maximize your current situations. There is plenty to do with what’s you already have. Offer ancillary inspections such as: pest, pools, septic, wells and radon.
Furthermore, starting another business to serve your existing clientele is a great way to maximize yourself.

If you were starting out in the inspection industry again today, what would you do different?

– Hard to say. All road have led me to here, which is a damn good life.
I believe all good experiences are just as important as the bad.
The lessons gained through the bad experiences have really made an impact and I welcome all experiences.
If I had to change something though, I’d have done more sooner.
I just recently started doing septic, pools and hiring help.
I could have captured more had I started earlier, and most importantly said yes to things in life that were really important. I gave up a lot to work like a dog. I’ll always regret that. The times I gave up with people who mattered, and who are no longer alive.
So, don’t be scared. Just do it. Be bold in your pursuits.

Do you offer any services for home inspectors to reach out to you for help?

– I sure do. Whatever someone needs really. Ride alongs, phone calls to commiserate or offer insight. I’ve met inspectors for a sit down and talk.
It’s one of my best feelings. The ability to give back. Otherwise, all I am would be worthless.

Thank You,
Matt Smith
Ace Home Inspections

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