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Inspector Toolbelt Reviews – Home Inspection Software



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Inspector Toolbelt Reviews

Have you heard of Inspector Toolbelt and wondered what it can do for you and your home inspection business?

Inspector Toolbelt (ITB) is the latest and greatest in the home inspection industry. ITB is scheduling and administrative software for home inspectors. It was created by the programmer who created the inspection software for National Grid and other large organizations and by a home inspector with 3 successful home inspection companies. You can learn about their founders here: Meet the ITB Team.

But what does ITB do, and how does it benefit your inspection company? First of all, as always, this review (like all of our inspection software reviews) contains our personal opinion. You can rate this software yourself by skipping right to the bottom of this post and choosing between 1-5 stars, and we would love to hear from you. So let’s get into it and see what ITB is all about.

Home Inspection Software

Free Home Inspection Software?

One of the first things that most people notice about Inspector Toolbelt is that they have a Free Tier. They obviously have a paid tier as well, but how/why do they have a paid tier? As is stated on their website, they are confident that you will like the free tier so much that you would upgrade to the paid tiers – and the paid tiers do have a lot to offer. So what is included on each tier?

FREE TIER: The free tier actually comes with quite a bit. It comes with full online scheduling, manual scheduling by the home inspector (for those inspectors who don’t like online scheduling), automated pricing, Google Calendar sync, email notifications to the client, and quite a bit more. Considering that this is free – that is pretty great.

ESSENTIALS TIER: This is the first paid tier on Inspector Toolbelt. It comes with everything on the free tier, but also has a full agreement system. The agreement system is really handy and easy to use. It auto-populates the agreements for the services your client chooses, captures signatures, and records the agreement for you – all automatically. It also comes with inspection report/document delivery as well as 2GB of storage. All for only $9.99 a month, which is pretty impressive.

PRO TIER: This is the top tier for Inspector Toolbelt coming in at only $19.99 per month – which makes it the most competitively priced compared to anyone else, especially considering all that you get with it. This tier comes with everything in the Free Tier and Essentials Tier, as well as SMS/Text reminders for clients and agents, company reporting for income and other company information, collect payments online automatically with payment integrations, and unlimited document storage.

Inspector Toolbelt Reviews

ITB has had great feedback. Being released in 2018, they already have a wide user base all over the U.S. and Canada. The feedback from inspectors has been great. Here are some of the reviews from home inspectors about Inspector Toolbelt:

“Really simple to use and to set up. Having Inspector Toolbelt was a great business choice and my clients and agents really like it”

Blue Jay Inspections
Professional Home Inspector

“Very professional and helpful service!”

Kevin E. Maxwell
Professional Home Inspector

“This fits surprisingly well into my industry. No more running around trying to get and confirm appointments. I am really happy I signed up”

Laconic Industries
Professional Pool Inspectors

We give Inspector Toolbelt 5-stars and a full thumbs up. Whether you are an experienced home inspector, new to the industry, or looking to simplify how you run your inspection company, Inspector Toolbelt is a great fit.

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