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This Isn’t Your Average Woodland Cottage



” We invest a lot of our lives in boxes,” states Alexis Borsboom,
owner of this home nestled amongst the trees on Mayne Island,

The special shape is simply one factor she and her other half moved
in. The remainder of the story lies inside its walls – and starts with
the walls themselves.

That's since they're made from cob: a mix of clay,
sand and straw that's blended with water and after that shaped by hand.
The couple fell in love after conference in a cob-building workshop;
later on, they acquired the house and constructed a life building cob
structures together.

cob1 b19062

cob1 b19062 With soft edges throughout and
a wood staircase, the interior of their house appears like something out of a dream – however subtle nods to 70s decoration make it feel familiar.

Cob is a little like adobe.

cob3 7760ea This building design likewise notifies the natural, natural shapes.
you'll discover throughout a cob house, like arched entrances and an area.
completely sized to fit the wood-burning range.

The kitchen area, which sits simply off the living location, is a relaxing.
area with adequate space for the basics – plus a breakfast nook.
for delighting in an early morning cup.

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cob4 67ae26 Upstairs, a carefully sloping ceiling provides the bed room and. It's important – it safeguards the house from.
wind and rain. With the ideal roofing system and a strong structure, a.
cob-style house can last permanently. “if it's left out in the.
aspects, it will reverse into dirt within a year,” Borsboom.

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ideal for capturing the wonderful sundowns off Canada's western.

Alexis explains cob-style houses as a “lovely and mild method.
to live.” We could not concur more.


Cob is a little like adobe.cob4 67ae26 Upstairs, a carefully sloping ceiling offers the bed room and. And simply above that ceiling sits a.
wideLarge undulating roofRoofing system It's important – it safeguards the house from.
With the ideal roofing and a strong structure, a.
cob-style home house last foreverPermanently

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