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Trampoline Do’s and Don’ts



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Playing on a trampoline can be a lot of fun for children, but
did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of injuries
reported each year resulting from trampolines? A large number of
them are the result of several children being on the trampoline at
once and bumping into each other, but there are many other dangers
that parents should keep in mind when deciding whether or not to
let their children play on a trampoline in the first place.

It is important that your children understand the dangers and
are instructed as to what they can and cannot do on a trampoline.
For example, jumping onto the trampoline from an elevated location
such as a roof or a tree can be deadly. They run the risk of
breaking the trampoline and falling through it, or they could
bounce off in a different location and get hurt landing.

You also need to take steps to protect them by installing sturdy
netting around the trampoline and making sure that the surface
where it is located doesn’t have rocks that someone could get
hurt on if they were to fall off the trampoline.

059 trampoline 2227667 960 720

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Do’s and Don’ts
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